Bye Bye Plastic Changemaker

What is a Changemaker?


Start here

1. contribute to plastic reduction

Bring your company up to the most sustainable level according to our set of criteria and commit to plastic reduction.

2. check criteria

Check with our software if your action is sufficient for the awarding of the seal. Your result will be sent to us and we will see where there is still a need. Bye Bye Plastic!

Bye Bye Plastic Happy

3. get certificate

Your action will be awarded with our CHANGEMAKER seal of approval. After certification the seal can be used for any communication purposes.

How to become a Changemaker?

1. Meet criteria

Meet criteria

2. Pay fee

Pay fee *

3. Receive certificate

Receive certificate

* For the award and the rights to use the Bye Bye Plastic Seal for one year we charge a fee, which is used to finance all our work. The fee is intended to express the value you place on the seal and our shared fight against the plastic tide. You set the amount of this fee yourself, whereby a minimum contribution of 250 euros is desirable and the the amount should be based on the size, number of employees and turnover of the company / institution. In addition or as an alternative to the user fee, we are happy to accept donations. Thank you very much!

Don't get overwhelmed.

The issue of plastic overload can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we've done the groundwork. Here you'll find everything what you need to know to make your business plastic-free.

The seal of approval

The seal is printed on PVC-free, compostable cellulose-based bio-foil and with environmentally friendly printing inks. The inks and adhesive used are food safe and may dissolve in rain or moisture.

Made from 100% recyclable materials Changemaker Sticker