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We believe that we can still stop the plastic tide in our oceans. Unfortunately, our work and projects are not currently supported by government funds, but only function to the current extent by means of donations and sponsorships. Therefore we are happy about any support

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Donations and membership fees are fully tax deductible. Up to the limit of 300 Euro per year according to § 50 Abs. 2 Nr. 2 Buchst. b EStDV, it is sufficient to submit the account statement to the tax office. For donations over 300 Euro per year we will issue a donation receipt, which we will send in January of the following year. If you would like to receive a donation receipt, please leave the address in the reason for payment

Find out what your donation can do:

With 50€ we clean 100 square meters of beach area on the North and Baltic Sea
With 100€ we print 50 PVC-free and environmentally friendly Changemaker CHANGEMAKER Partnerships.
With 300€ we invite a kindergarten group for a morning to an experience clean-up
With 500€ we train 5 volunteers for half a day on the topic of plastic reduction

Be the change.

We all want clean oceans as a habitat for animals and plants and as a source of food for us and for the next generations. Our ever-increasing plastic consumption, our 'to-go' and disposable throwaway habits, as well as a lack of waste management in most countries of our planet, has led to a flood of plastic that is threatening our oceans and and with it also us humans massively threatened. But we at Bye Bye Plastic believe, that together we can make the oceans plastic-free again and that the solution lies in the actions of each individual

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Support our work or give a donation to your loved ones or friends: Birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Easter or Christmas. Because it is a gift for man and the sea at the same time!