Joint effort

Joint effort

Our Partnerships

Bye Bye Plastic is looking for partners from private households and from business and municipalities, who want to get involved in the fight against the plastic flood. Find out here, which possibilities there are.



Become an CHANGEMAKER official partner of Bye Bye Plastic. Let's act together and be part of the change! Make a contribution to plastic reduction according to our criteria and get certified as an official of Bye Bye Plastik in the fight against the plastic flood. Start our online Plastik check today!

Become a Changemaker


Do you also believe that together we can change the world and free the oceans from plastic? Then let's get active, act accordingly and infect others with our commitment. Every step we take counts, and every additional comrade-in-arms makes our movement against the plastic flood stronger!

Become a Believer

Why do we establish partnerships?

At Bye Bye Plastik, we value transparency. It is also important to us, that we act as a movement and not just an organization. That's why everyone who makes a contribution should be valued as an integral part of us, should be valued as a part of us. No matter how big the contribution may be. Thank you for being part of it!

We tell stories together

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Bye Bye Plastic Events?

You feel like tackling and are committed to driving change, but the CHANGEMAKER Partnership is too binding for you? No problem. With Bye Bye Plastik you have the possibility to participate in our events without registration. With great people and a good atmosphere we clean up the beaches together and set an example. We are doers! You too?