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What is a Believer?

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1. You show it to others

By wearing the "Bye Bye Plastic Sticker" outside, you draw attention to the organization and to our work. Thank you!

2. You are part of the change

Do your part to make the oceans a little cleaner every day by taking concrete action in your everyday life. You can find more ideas and suggestions further down on this page.

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3. Share your experience

As a committed part of Bye Bye Plastik you are our most important ambassador! Tell others about your personal commitment and let the spark fly. Your experience and commitment will help to spread our movement and inspire more people for clean oceans.

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This list offers concrete inspiration and motivation to become active against the plastic flood in your everyday life. Listen to your heart and implement what is feasible for you. Every step you take is important and part of the solution. Nobody is perfect and it takes time to make changes. What we can do for the ocean and its inhabitants starts with small steps. Share your experiences and progress with us, those around you, and on social media, because your journey inspires others. Thank you for your commitment!

What are you currently already doing to save plastic?

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How to be a Believer?

1. Contribute


2. Receive stickers

Receive stickers

3. Share your experience

Share your experience

Act Different!

Find out how you can support the clean oceans movement every day and help keep the oceans plastic-free.

Your sticker

The 'Believer' sticker is printed on PVC-free, compostable, cellulose-based organic film and printed with environmentally friendly inks. The inks and adhesive used are food safe and may dissolve in rain or moisture.

Made from 100% recyclable materials Believer Sticker


Some Believer quotes

"I drink only tap water, partly self-infused, from a glass bottle"
"On the way I am with my metal drinking bottle filled with tap water"
"I go to the salad bar at lunchtime with a Tupperware"
"I fill fruit and vegetables into my own reusable net as far as possible"
"I do not use disposable tableware"
"I buy drugstore items without microplastics"
"bar of soap instead of liquid soap"
"I make my own deodorant and bath oils"
"I buy food mainly at the market"
"I use shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste in solid form in the bathroom area."
"My toothbrush is made of bamboo."
"I buy food in bulk. And locally."
"On the road, I carry a metal lunch can and reusable glasses for liquids."
"For cleaning, I use baking soda and citric acid."
"I use paper bags from the bakery several times."
"I reuse the packaging of toilet paper as a garbage bag."
"I haven't had a car for 10 years."