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What is a Changemaker?

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1. contribute to plastic reduction

Bring your company up to the most sustainable level according to our set of criteria and commit to plastic reduction.

2. check criteria

Check with our software if your action is sufficient for the awarding of the CHANGEMAKER Partnership. Your result will be sent to us and we will see where there is still a need. Bye Bye Plastic!

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3. become a partner

Through your concrete plastic reduction, as a CHANGEMAKER you become a certified partner of Bye Bye Plastik and can you can present yourself as an official partner of our marine conservation organization in your communication channels.

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The added value for your company/institution:

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By getting involved with Bye Bye Plastik you are giving your own work as a entrepreneur/managing director/leadership and can strengthen the "why" of the company and act accordingly

You increase the attractiveness of the company for applicants and employees, because people are looking for meaning and participation in a better future

The intrinsic motivation of your employees at their workplace is promoted, because their work in your your company/institution, they actively contribute to making the world a better place

Existing customers are encouraged to remain loyal to your company, because they indirectly support the sustainable commitment with their purchase/order

It gives the customer a good feeling to support a company that is committed to a sustainable future and the planet

Your commitment to a plastic-free world opens a path to new customer segments. customer segments. According to a recent study "Sustainability in Focus" by the market research institute Rothmund Insights, a large majority of consumers (89%) would like to see that companies operate in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way in the future

Customers are prepared to accept higher prices on the basis of sustainable commitment and ecological to accept higher prices. The number of consumers who are willing to sacrifice a piece of their life for a more a bit of comfort for a more sustainable and to pay more for sustainable products and services where necessary.

Partnering with us gives you the impetus to rethink, specify and and commitment of the company to rethink, specify and further develop.

We tell about you as a CHANGEMAKER and present you via link on our website and present your and present your commitment in blog articles or/and in our press relations / social media.

How to become a CHANGEMAKER?

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You apply to be a Bye Bye Plastic CHANGEMAKER by filling out the online form. To do so, simply click on the link: Plastik check in the navigation bar.

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We will then contact you and conduct an audit with you or an employee. This takes place either in a personal meeting or by telephone or video call, We go through the individual CHANGEMAKER Partnership criteria together, record the status quo and define the status quo and jointly define the targets for a future reduction of (micro)-plastic consumption. defined. This also includes a possible need for training for all employees.

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If the criteria are not met in full, a timeframe for improvement or target achievement is agreed. for improvements or target fulfillment will be agreed upon

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After a successful audit by another Bye Bye Plastic auditor, your company will become a CHANGEMAKER partner of our organization. a CHANGEMAKER partner of our organization. A printable partnership letter with a barcode leading to your company's presentation on the of your company on the Bye Bye Plastik site will be sent to you. Parallel to this two CHANGEMAKER stickers will be sent by mail, which you can visibly display on your on your shop windows or in sales or office areas.

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You tell us what partnership fee you would like to pay as a CHANGEMAKER. Consider the added value of the CHANGEMAKER Partnership and our work for the oceans and for you as a company/organization and for you as a company / institution and measure the amount you want to pay. We finance our work to a large extent through this user fee.

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The CHANGEMAKER partnership is valid for a period of 12 months and you may call yourself an official partner of Bye Bye Plastik during this period. This applies to your communication measures, both on your website, on social media channels, at trade fairs or employee recruiting events. The use of the title and the sticker is not allowed on products or packaging.

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Don't get overwhelmed.

The issue of plastic overload can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we've done the groundwork. Here you'll find everything what you need to know to make your business plastic-free.

The CHANGEMAKER Partnership of approval

The CHANGEMAKER Partnership sticker is printed on PVC-free, compostable cellulose-based bio-foil and with environmentally friendly printing inks. The inks and adhesive used are food safe and may dissolve in rain or moisture.

Made from 100% recyclable materials Changemaker Sticker


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