Bye Bye Plastic Changemaker


Since 2019, we have been supporting companies and municipal institutions with a plastic check and as our changemaker partners in their commitment to clean oceans.

Over 50 businesses on Sylt were involved, plus numerous companies on the north German coast and from all over Germany.

Our changemaker partners have made a lasting commitment to less single-use plastic, more reusable plastic and the reduction of microplastics in their day-to-day operations.

Every meeting and every accompaniment has stimulated the process of what can be done specifically to limit our own plastic footprint.

We were able to learn with and from each other and real success stories of plastic reduction have been written over the four years.

Some of them can be read on our blog and serve as inspiration for how plastic reduction can be practiced in an entrepreneurial way.

We are grateful that we were able to get so many entrepreneurs and local authorities 'on board' to implement the topic of plastic reduction in their sustainability practices.

The Changemaker project was limited in terms of resources and time and ended at the end of 2023.

We thank all the people who have set out with conviction and passion to make the oceans cleaner through their own contribution and are convinced that these actions and decisions will be carried into the world like a seed to bring about further change!

Awareness and change always begins with the first step and many steps pave the way to a future with clean oceans for animals, plants and us humans. We believe in that!

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