School classes for clean seas

Every year, numerous school classes from all over Germany come to Sylt to experience a nature-oriented trip. With “School classes for clean seas”, we supplement the island stay with an outdoor workshop on the topic of plastic.

The future is visiting Sylt. So much more than an educational mission.

Together we clean up the beach and playfully work out results from our finds. In addition to education, we talk to the students about concrete possibilities to reduce plastic. This gives the participants concrete solutions to easily become part of the solution and not feel overwhelmed.

Supporting school classes together

Children and young people between the ages of 10 and 16 can experience first-hand how they can make a difference.

School classes learn about the effects of plastic pollution and how they can take action themselves.

Children are our future. On Sylt, we give them a place to drive change.

Through their own experiences and knowledge, children and young people become multipliers in their communities.

They are shaping our tomorrow!

We are already in the middle of implementing our project and are looking forward to more supporters who will help us reach our goals with financial resources.

We are looking for sponsors who are willing to help shape the future.