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Facts BBP

10 years

has taken between 2022 and 2002 to produce as much plastic, as in the entire 20th century. Currently, as much as about two truckloads of plastic enter the oceans every minute.

450 years

takes a plastic bottle to dissolve in the ocean. But then the plastic is not gone, but it's broken down into microplastic particles that marine life ingests

Up to 23 million

the size of Germany is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest garbage island floating in the ocean, located between North America and Asia.

5 times

plastic waste enters the world's oceans every year. For comparison, scientists say the city of Berlin weighs about two million tons - not including its inhabitants.

Not enough?

Even more reasons to act now

Even more reasons to act now
1.6 million square kilometers

is the size of the world's largest garbage island in the Ocean. That's five times the size of Germany.

8 million pieces of plastic

land in our oceans every day.

450 years

a plastic bottle floats in the sea.

2.8 billion disposable cups

are consumed per year in Germany.

20 years

needs a plastic bag to get into the sea too decompose. It then swims in the sea as microplastics and gets into the organisms of sea creatures.

407 million tons

Plastic are made every year.

Clean Up Checklist

Deine Gemeinschafts-Cleanup-Checkliste

Hier findest Du alles, was du für Deinen organisierten Cleanup wissen musst.

Cleanup Checkliste
Bye Bye Plastic Whale

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