At Work

Here's what you can do to reduce your plastic consumption at work

At Work

Drink bottle with you

Always have your own water bottle with you for appointments or meetings. that you can fill up wherever you go

Thermal mug 'On bag'

If you have your own thermo mug for coffee and tea, you will save you will save a lot of disposable waste

'Prepping' instead of disposable

Do it like in the old days: Just take a sandwich or the pasta from the day before in an aluminum box. aluminum box with you to the office. This way, you save your to-go salad or sandwich in plastic packaging and save a lot of money

'Retro' in the office

Switch to the good old ballpoint pen with a refill and avoid unnecessary disposable pens. The old-fashioned pencil with sharpener and eraser are always a good choice, too.

Used electronics

Electronics don't always have to be new! Look around for used cell phones or electrical appliances to save resources. Today, it's not the newest thing that's in style, but the most sustainable!

Furniture with patina

Even with the office table and chair you can protect the environment and look at what the second-hand market offers. Even designer furniture is already available everywhere as second-hand goods. Much hipper than the cheap Billy solution!


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