At Home

Here's what you can do to reduce your plastic consumption when shopping

At Home

Clean up

Be careful to avoid microplastics in the kitchen and bathroom. Use cotton cleaning cloths instead of microfiber (which is plastic) and check dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tabs, washing powder, etc. for microplastic content. For example, use the app "ToxFox." Prefer products in soap form instead of plastic bottles.


Buy quality rather than cheap goods! Instead of cheap Instead of cheap assembled goods from the Far East, use vintage furniture or support durable carpentry. Creativity meets resource conservation! This is how it should be done! Balloons, plastic confetti and beer pong with plastic cups are so yesterday! Tell your guests to bring their own plates and cutlery to the barbecue. and cutlery. Or buy secondhand glasses or cups for the party, that you can resell or donate afterwards. donate them


Save wrapping paper and use old magazines or newsprint. You can also save and recycle old wrapping paper or bags and boxes. Say no to plastic wrap and bows in stores and flower stores.


Cosmetics, personal care products, and cleaning and laundry detergents often contain microplastics. Pay attention to the ingredients and choose natural ingredients without artificial softeners, emulsifiers or preservatives.

No single-use bottles

Use the app ToxFox and scan products for microplastics when shopping. Report to manufacturers, if you have discovered microplastics and will therefore no longer buy them. Also report products that are not yet registered with the barcode. Both are easily indicated by the app, It is best to buy locally and at your place. If you order goods online and receive a lot of plastic for padding If you order online and receive a lot of plastic for padding, write to the manufacturer/sender and suggest cardboard or paper alternatives. Be sure to reuse material in your shipping that you received.


SHARE your good ideas with friends and family and on the internet with the hashtag: #byebyeplastic. Let the Movement spread together and create change. Bye Bye Plastic!

Online shopping

Am besten kaufst Du lokal und bei Dir vor Ort. Falls du Ware online bestellst und viel Plastik zur Polsterung erhältst, schreibe dem Hersteller/Absender und schlage Alternativen aus Pappe oder Papier vor. Achte bei Deinem Versand darauf, dass Du Material wieder verwendest, was Du erhalten hast.


Teile Deine guten Ideen mit Freunden und Verwandten sowie im Internet mit dem Hashtag: #byebyeplastik Gemeinsam mit Dir wird unser movement sich verbreiten und Veränderung schaffen. Bye Bye Plastik!

The donations help make our organization organization and spread awareness about plastic plastic reduction. With your contribution you help to keep the oceans free of plastic. plastic. Every help brings change. Thank you!