When shopping

Here's what you can do to reduce your plastic consumption when shopping

When shopping


Always take a grocery bag or box from home and say "no thanks" to plastic bags.


Avoid thin plastic bags for fruits.vegetables and say "No thanks" when they want to pack your goods in these "shirt bags" at the butcher, fish store, greengrocer.


Prefer unpacked stores in your area or "loose sales" at the weekly market or your local greengrocer. greengrocer.


Go to the regular supermarket, get over your "embarrassment barrier" and get cold cuts, cheese or meat into your own containers. Weigh fruits and vegetables in reusable bags or jute bags instead of thin plastic bags.


Synthetic clothing contains microplastics. Choose pure natural materials when buying new clothes. Second-hand clothing is also a very good alternative.

Tax Fax

Cosmetics, personal care products, and cleaning and laundry detergents often contain microplastics. Pay attention to the ingredients and choose natural ingredients without artificial softeners, emulsifiers or preservatives, Use the ToxFox app and scan products for microplastics when shopping. Report to the manufacturers if you have microplastics and will therefore no longer buy them. Also report products that are not yet registered with the barcode. Both of these are easily indicated by the app,

PET adé

Do not buy PET bottles completely and choose glass reusable bottles instead. PET bottles made from recycled recycled plastic are not a solution either, because firstly they are harmful to health and secondly only the complete renunciation of plastic will lead to a reduction in the use of PET bottles, even recycled plastic, will lead us out of the plastic consumption spiral,


Avoid disposable and prefer reusable. Whether buying beverages, cleaning products or personal care products: Look for recyclability of containers through refill!

Second hand

Don't buy everything new, but use second-hand goods and concepts. Vintage is not only "in", but sensible and sustainable. No matter whether textiles, furniture or hobby articles: Look, what is second hand is cheaper and saves a lot of resources!


SHARE your good ideas with friends and relatives and on the internet with the hashtag: #byebyeplastik Let the Movement spread together and create change. Bye Bye Plastic!

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