Sylt räumt auf

Sylt cleans up!
The interactive map for your
Cleanup on the island.

The project “Sylt räumt auf macht” makes it possible to enter your cleanup on our website in a clear way and share it with like-minded people.

Grab a bag and a beach walk turns into active nature conservation.

Every day is
Cleanup day!

Collecting garbage on Sylt is active marine and coastal protection and a lived love for the island. We take responsibility so that we can continue to enjoy a beautiful sea and beautiful beaches for many years to come.

We want to tackle this together! Our project “Sylt räumt auf” invites you to your very own, private and spontaneous cleanup.

No matter where and when we are on the island, we have a garbage bag with us and clean up what doesn't belong on the beach and in nature.

Sylt Cleanup Map

Und so geht's

Join in

Grab a bag and a beach walk turns into active nature conservation!

Collect what doesn't belong on the beach and in nature! No matter how big or small, every action counts and makes a big difference!

Enter Cleanup

You can enter your cleanup on our digital map.

You have the option to upload the location, the cleaned route, the amount of garbage found and a photo of your finds.

Inspire others

Your actions are exemplary for many people. You can inspire them by telling them about your work and motivating them to get involved. Our map is intended to invite people to easily feel their own impact.

If many people do small things, we can move mountains!

From Sylt to the world.

Our island and our commitment are welcome to inspire other people to get involved and to work for the environment where it is needed.

Feel free to collect garbage in your area and enter it on the map!

In this way we carry the commitment to clean seas into the world.

How you can be a part of it:

Together with you, we are creating awareness for clean seas.
Here's how easy it is to get involved in “Sylt räumt auf”:

This is how you become
Cleanup Champion!

You can create a voluntary account when you enter cleanups. This way we can see who was the most diligent.

You are making Sylt and the sea cleaner.
With our map you can see what we can achieve together.

There are great prizes to be won for the most dedicated heroes. Stay tuned!

At the end of the year we will announce the winners on our website and in the Bye Bye Plastik app.