On the way

Here's what you can do to reduce your plastic consumption on the way

On the way

Drink bottle with you

Take a water bottle to work, field trip, school, sports and avoid disposable or single-use deposit bottles.

Reusable cutlery

Use real cutlery instead of. Disposable cutlery. Take your own cutlery to parties, barbecues, the beach, on the outing.

ToGo cups

Take your own thermo to-go cup with you on the go. You can get your own cup refilled at many cafes and gas stations.

Reusable concepts

If you don't have your own cup with you, prefer reusable cup offerings for your cappuccino or coffee. If you order food, look for one that uses a reusable-to-go concept and prefer that vendor!

Collect trash

Pick up plastic waste that is lying in the forest, on the street, in the park or on the beach

Cigarette trash

Never throw cigarette butts into nature. Take a container for the cigarette butts with you.

Chewing gum

Never throw chewing gum into nature.Chewing gum contains plastic and belongs in the trash can.


Share your good ideas with friends and family and on the internet with the hashtag: #byebyeplastic Let the Movement spread together and create change. Bye Bye Plastic!

The donations help make our organization organization and spread awareness about plastic plastic reduction. With your contribution you help to keep the oceans free of plastic. plastic. Every help brings change. Thank you!